Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Cost of Living

My quarterly cheque arrived on Monday for insulin pump supplies. Happily, the infusion sets that Animas gave me to try lasted just long enough for me to wait for the cheque before placing my first big order. The charge goes on my credit card and, thanks to my quarterly cheque, immediately goes off my credit card. Which is exactly the way I like it.

I studied the Animas order form. I needed three things: 
1. a battery cover (I'm supposed to change it every three months since I swim so much. My plan is to order one every time I order supplies which should work out to every three months). 
2. cartridges (those little plastic vial thingies that hold the insulin)
3. infusion sets (the tubing and the part that gets inserted into me so that the insulin can enter my body. I didn't word that very well but you know what I mean right?)

On my new pump I'm changing my infusion set every 4 to 5 days. A box of 10 infusion sets costs $195.00. 

If I change every 5 days,one box will last 50 days and two boxes will last 100 days or just over three months (when I get my next cheque). 

If I change every 4 days, one box will last 40 days and two boxes will last 80 days. Not three months. 

Two boxes of cartridges, two boxes of infusion sets and one battery cover = $540.92

Two boxes of cartridges, three boxes of infusion sets and one battery cover = $735.92

My quarterly cheque is $600.00

So I decided to order two boxes and see how far I can stretch them. If I run out, I'll place my next order early. If not, then perfect. And heck, the thought of running out early is enough to make me second guess a chocolate bar or extra helping of pasta which probably doesn't hurt either.  

So in two minutes I just spent $540.92 for three months of pump supplies. And that doesn't even include insulin or test strips. 

Or the calcium I take now. Nor the vitamin D I take with it. Or the cholesterol meds I'm on. 

Diabetes is a lot of things. 

Some good, some bad. 

Always expensive.

(psst! Jeff. Hey, Scott! - I decided to order the infusion sets with the harpoon launcher. You've convinced me to give them another go.)

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  1. Expensive for sure! Along those same lines, there is an angry emotional response for me when I have to spend money on diabetes stuff.

    Sometimes the insertions hurt like heck, but then the pain goes away. I hope that they work well for you. Keep me posted!