Friday, June 21, 2013

My Week in Bullet Points

My week in bullet points.

  • the receptionist at my doctor's office called to say that the results of my bone density scan came in. She said that my doctor wanted me to take 1000mg of vitamin D and 500mg of calcium every day. "What were the results?" I asked (not knowing if there was a bone density number we're supposed to strive for and how far off the target I was). "She just said that you should start taking vitamin D and calcium" was the response. Fine, I'll assume I'm not in the final stages of osteoporosis and I'll ask for more details at my next appointment. 
  • I ran 25 minutes on last weekend and 30 minutes on Tuesday. My foot was a little achy (but no pain I swear!) after Tuesday's run. I had a massage on Wednesday and it felt much better. Neither my massage therapist nor I have any idea why my foot would ache after some runs but not others. Why there is no pain ever but an ache. Keep running unless it gets worse was the message I was given. I took Thursday off as a precaution and will see how things feel on race day. Oh dear, that's tomorrow! 
  • I set up my race day basal profile on my pump.  A calculator was involved because I had worked out my profile based on percentages of my current profile and then realized I needed to figure out what the units/hour actually were. I relied on a calculator to make sure I didn't screw up and end up really messing up my race day. My math teachers would be so disappointed in me but my diabetes education team would be proud of my careful planning. 
  • I went to the driving range twice. The first time because I hadn't been in two weeks and really wanted to practice. The second time because I was so bad the first time and needed to try to redeem myself. I didn't. Apparently, golf, like any other sport, requires more than twice a month practice sessions in order to improve. 
  • I changed the battery on my Animas pump for the first time. Let me tell you, Animas may come first when it comes to being super waterproof but the battery-changing process leaves something to be desired. It took me over five minutes to change the battery and work through all the safety checks (like rewind the pump, reload the cartridge, re-prime the pump). I understand these are all useful safety features but I'm no longer going to be able to change my battery on the fly (like in the middle of a half marathon or while driving on the highway). This is going to take some pre-planning. 
  • I didn't wash my hair yesterday. Because I swim, run or bike every morning, I need to wash my hair every day whether I want to or not. Since I skipped my run, I simply tied my hair back, took a quick shower and went to work. It felt very weird but I sure liked all the free time I had in the morning. 
  • I think I'm more susceptible to suggestions than I want to be. I wrote a blog earlier this week about hating the harpooning devices for infusion sites. Scott and Jeff both wrote to say that they love them (in fact I believe Scott used the word "addicted"). I immediately decided that maybe I could love them too if I just tried a little harder. I'm even considering ordering a box of them so that I get more time to learn to love them. Boys, you are a very bad influence on me. If I become addicted like Scott to spring-loaded insertions, it's on your heads. 


  1. I was going to comment on that post but thought i'd sound weird when I said "I like the needles"
    I don't care for the harpoon devices though. even though I mostly used the Animas Inset devices (i know wtf? I was on Medtronic) but I preferred to manual insert. I read somewhere a long time ago about insertion devices so I chose to always manual insert even the sites with insertion devices. Follow THAT if you can!

    I like needles. I actually really enjoy them like.... I LIKE them.

    Good luck tomorrow, you'll be amazing!

  2. I wouldn't say that I "love" inserter devices. I would say that I "need" them. Without them, I'm pretty sure that I'll wuss out and not push the needle in hard enough or say "Ow, that hurts! Maybe I'll try somewhere else." And then never get the job done.

    They *complete* me. :-)