Monday, June 3, 2013

Rehad Updates

The stress fracture rehap is going well so far.

Yesterday's run was a mixture of walk three minutes and run seven for a total of thirty minutes. That means that I am now running 21 minutes out of 30.

I've been taking notes on each rehab run to keep track of how I'm doing and feeling.

It's interesting to look back and see the difference three minutes per run makes in terms of pace and distance.

Here's how things have been progressing so far.

Walk 9 minutes, run 1 minute  - three times      Average pace: 9.28 min/k
Walk 8 minutes, run 2 minutes - three times      Average pace: 9.27 min/k
Walk 7 minutes, run 3 minutes - three times      Average pace: 9.13 min/k
Walk 6 minutes, run 4 minutes - three times      Average pace: 8.33 min/k
Walk 5 minutes, run 5 minutes - three times      Average pace: 8.30 min/k
Walk 4 minutes, run 6 minutes - three times      Average pace: 7:52 min/k
Walk 3 minutes, run 7 minutes - three times      Average pace: 7.16 min/k

My distance has gone from 3.0k to 4.2k.

I know that this is all about slowly building back up to running without injuring myself again and my pace and my distance is not at all relevant. Still though, it's nice to see the distance increasing and the pace picking up day by day.

My body is holding up well. My cardio is ok. My feet aren't hurting although there have been a few achy days and my knees and legs are handling the pounding like troopers.

I have two more runs in phase one of the program (walk 2 minutes run 8 on Tuesday and then walk 1 minute run 9 on Wednesday).

By that point, I will be running 27 minutes out of 30 with breaks in between.

Phase two of the program changes things up and it's no longer about 30 minutes. It's about running longer stretches with no more walk breaks. I will run every second day and I run 12 minutes, 15 minutes, 17 minutes etc. Within two weeks I should be running 40 minutes.

Assuming of course that nothing goes wrong...

I still haven't signed up for the Welland swim/bike because my little optimistic self is wondering if perhaps I could pull off the full sprint tri. I may not be running 7.5k by then but I'll be close. So I'm crossing my fingers and waiting a little longer.

Oh, and I saw my family doctor on Friday and, after a little cajoling on my part, she agreed to send me for a bone density test. She also told me to take extra calcium. So perhaps I'll learn a bit more about why I developed two stress fractures in less than two years.


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  1. Good job with the running and not being *too* focused on time/distance/pace.

    While you're taking your calcium, be sure that you're also getting enough vitamin D. You and I live at the same latitude (even though you live in the true north strong and free) and probably get similar amounts of sun, and I have a vitamin D deficiency according to my endo. I'm told that this vitamin and diabetes have a symbiotic, abusive relationship with each other.