Monday, June 10, 2013

Earning Versus Getting

Doug took me for my second golf game on Friday night. It was, as he described it, very Scottish conditions.

Cold, damp, drizzly.

Being an Irish girl at heart, I loved it.

The course we play at is a nine-hole course. All holes are par 3. It's ideal for a newbie like me.

The first time we played, I insisted that we count every stroke I made. Some holes were 9, some were 7, one was 5. My total score was 63. Nothing to write home about but, technically, it was a PB.

My original goal was to continue to count every stroke and watch my score slowly improve over the summer. I would be nice to play a 50 but I have no idea if that's too ambitious for my first summer.

Then Doug gently told me that proper golf etiquette is to stop playing a hole if you've already shot more than twice par. So, on my par 3 course, I technically should give up on a hole if I haven't sunk it in six, score six on my card and move on.

Fair enough. It keeps us moving around the course and groups playing behind us don't get too frustrated with my snail pace.

So I've changed my plan. If I take a 6 on each hole, my score will be 54. Whether I earned it or not.

We played in the Scottish conditions and it was fun. A little frustrating of course, like when I used my driver and sent the ball about 15 yards off the tee. Still though, I like the challenge and I played more consistently than the first time we went out.

Out of nine holes, I got a score of six on all nine of them.

Two of those sixes I actually earned. The other sixes would have been sevens but I obeyed the rules and picked up my ball after my six strokes.

I'm guessing I'm going to be scoring 54 for a few more games yet. I'm fine with that.

 I'd like to work towards earning that 54, not having it given to me.

Oh, and I'd like to score a 5 on a hole or two.

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