Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You Have Diabetes? Wicked!

Every once in a while someone will write a blog about the silly, offensive, awful, judgemental, close-minded and hilarious things people say to us about diabetes.

As an alternative, here is my list of things I would love people to say to me:

- oh, you have the pump? I'm impressed that taking care of yourself is so important to you.

- you test your blood sugar 10-15 time A DAY??!? Wow, you really do try hard to take care of yourself. I am SO impressed.

- are you sure you should be eating that cupcake? Your blood sugar was really good when you checked it, why not have two cupcakes.

- you have diabetes? So did my grandmother. She lived to the ripe old age of 104, her eyes were great, she was still living on her own and still ran 5 kilometres a day, every day. She died bungee jumping.

- you have diabetes? You should try eating cinnamon - it's delicious. Especially when sprinkled on French toast with lots of maple syrup.

- I think diabetes is so sexy. There is just something really hot about people who have calloused fingers and infusion sites. I mean really really hot.

- I noticed that you just checked your bloodsugar. I totally understand how personal that is and would never dream of asking what your number was. I just wanted to tell you how awesome you looked while testing. Particularly when you sucked the extra blood off your fingertip. Rock on!

- You have diabetes. I bet Steel Magnolias really pissed you off eh? What an awful way to misrepresent diabetes. It did nothing to help educate people about what diabetes is really all about.

- You have diabetes. As your friend (co-worker, lover, partner etc), I really want to understand it so I can share it with you and be there to help if you need me to. Will you teach me what I need to know?

- You have diabetes? That means you can do ANYTHING you want to do.


  1. WELL put my friend. This is awesome. We are totally hot! Calloused fingers are like the new "sexy scars".

    I loved this so much!

  2. I roared reading this. It's so awesome! Life would be so much better if people said things like this to us instead. I think my personal favourite wasthe cupcake comment...when in doubt, always have 2 cupcakes!