Monday, April 22, 2013

Injury Checkup

I went to Toronto on Saturday and, despite the freezing temperatures and biting wind, spent a good part of the day strolling around. Nothing too aggressive but more walking than I've done since coming back from Israel with a foot injury.

It's been exactly three weeks since my last run. The pain along the top of my foot had slowly diminished to almost nothing. I have no intention of running yet but figured a walking day was a safe enough thing to do. And a good test.

My foot injury didn't hurt at all during the day. Yay.

My ankle did a few times. Weird.

Every once in a while a rather mild but unmistakably problematic pain would shoot down my ankle. It felt like it was inside the ankle bone. Nothing debilitating. Nothing that stopped me in my tracks or made me think I should stop walking and hail a cab.

Later that evening, as I lounged on the couch, I gingerly felt the top of my foot. It wasn't sore but was definitely a little tender. It was back to what it felt like about a week ago.

I'm definitely not ready to run yet. And I'm definitely going to tack on another three weeks before I reassess again and, perhaps, attempt a run. That will give me at least six weeks off. Six weeks of injury recovery.

And six weeks of thrice weekly workout sessions on the bike.

Which I'm actually starting to like and look forward to - surprisingly.

I feel stronger with each workout and have managed to survive four sessions of Bending Crank Arms now. I'm getting quite good at isometric squats.

And to think I didn't even know what those were a mere month ago.


  1. I'm glad you're being smart about the injury. If you were anything like me, you would have went out for a test race and goofed yourself up even worse.

    I'm going to try and be smart like you the next time I hurt myself.

  2. It is important to still do workouts, even when you're recovering. Just keep it that way that you're careful not to strain your lower muscles or to hurt the injure muscle again. A simple walk can be as risky as running, after all. Have you tried to run again already?