Monday, April 1, 2013

March Goal Update

Three months into the year already. How DOES that happen?

How are those resolutions going? Still working on them? I am and it's time for the monthly update.

My goals that I set for the year are:

log 1000k of running this year
run the Tel Aviv half marathon
complete three triathlons, including one Olympic distance
stay injury free
pay down debt

Drumroll please...

1. 1000k of running

Well, I logged 66 kilometres in March. That is much lower than the 87k I logged in January and the 105k I ran in February. My 2013 total is now 258k and I'm still on track to hit 1000k but I was hoping to log closer to 100k in March which I did not end up doing. I blame it on a two-week vacation in Israel where I walked for 10+ hours every day but only laced up my running shoes twice during those 14 days.

2. Run the Tel Aviv half marathon

Done and done. It was definitely a memorable, and really really hot, experience. I have a medal and t-shirt to prove that, yes, I was there and yes, I did cross that finish line.

Showing some Canuck pride

3. Complete three triathlons, including one Olympic distance

Well, I've signed up for the Gravenhurst Olympic tri and have decided to compete in Welland in June. The third might be Guelph Lake2 that I did last September but I have still to commit to that one. Open water swim practice starts in May and I'm back on the bike already. So far so good. 

4. Stay injury free

Well...I'm not sure how that is going to be honest. I was injury free up to and including the Tel Aviv half. The next day, I still felt fine. The day after, not so much. The outside of my right foot began to ache and did not stop for the rest of my vacation. It went from aching to hurting to sharp pain. Walking every day for 10+ hours did NOT help. By the end of my trip, I was worried I had a stress fracture - it was that bad. 

Then I spent 18 hours traveling during which time I hardly walked. I stretched a lot on the flight but made a point of standing but not walking any more than I had to. By the time I got home, the pain was gone - completely. No pain at all the next three days. I tested it with a hike and a curling game on Friday. Still nothing. I then tested it with an 8k run on Saturday. No pain during the run but it hurt afterwards. I stretched and iced and it felt better again. So I'm not sure what is happening. Hopefully it's on the mend but, technically I guess, this goal is kinda over. 

I propose to change it to: heal my foot and have no more injuries in 2013. Everyone ok with that? 

5. Pay down debt

So far, so good with this one too. I started off the year with a set amount of debt. I knew it would increase a bit in January and February as I tried to save for my trip. As planned, I saved, I travelled, I got home to an income tax return which I immediately put towards my debt. I now have almost $1000 less debt than I did on January first. So I'm definitely headed in the right direction. Unless my car dies or the roof collapses, I plan to toss a few hundred dollars a month on the debt pile, chipping away slowly but surely. 

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