Friday, April 19, 2013

The Cycle Continues

Well, it's Friday today. Again.

Some things are so reliable aren't they?

Like Fridays arriving every 7 days.

And weekends flying by at the speed of light.

And Monday's lasting twice as long as Saturdays.

Winter giving way to spring.

The sun rising in the East.

Insulin pump site changes.

Not my best segue ever but it's kind of a nice image. 

I have spent this week going back and forth between desperately wanting to stick with my Medtronic pump to desperately wanting a waterproof pump, to seriously considering making the leap to Animas,  to hating the idea of Omnipod to loving the idea of Omnipod.

I'm sitting on the couch typing this. I have my freshly refilled Medtronic pump attached to the waistband of my comfy pants. I have my fake Omnipod pod attached to my lower back.

I'm remembering the doubt and the hopes I felt five years ago when I was first making the switch from needles to the pump. I'm feeling different doubts and hopes this time around but the intensity is the same. Can I live with the size of the pods? Can I live with changing my pump every three days? Can I live with another five years of tubes and clipping the pump to my belt? Can I really leave consider leaving my beloved Medtronic?

Right now, my thinking is that Omnipod is my favourite option with Animas at a close second. Medtronic is third, mostly because of the waterproof issue but partly because I like the idea of no tubes.

Once I know about my insurance options for Omnipod, I will know whether I'm deciding between three options or two (Animas and Medtronic). In the meantime, I have one more question to ask. Medtronic told me last year at the Global Heroes weekend that they had a waterproof pump coming out and that it would be in Canada. I will be emailing the lady who told me that to find out when. If it's in the next few months, Medtronic is back in the game. If it's not until 2014, I don't think I want to spend another triathlon season untethered nor do I want to spend another 9 months of thrice weekly swimming sessions untethered.

Fridays arrive every 7 days.

Mondays arrive much too quickly.

Spring follows winter.

And every five years, I agonize about insulin pumps.

Everything is right in the world.

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