Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ready or Not, I'm in Injury Mode

I've decided not to run the Women's Half Marathon in June.

That race was not something I had really really committed to. It wasn't something that was officially on my 2013 list of goals and I had not started training for it yet.

I ran it last year and really liked it. It's a nice run along the Niagara Parkway and by Niagara Falls. It's a fun race and you get a bottle of wine when you sign up. Plus my friend Ross is the organizer and I wanted to support him and the race in its second year.

My tentative plan was to run the Tel Aviv half, take a week or two off and then jump right back into training for the Women's half. A few weeks after that, tri season begins.

Of course, plans need to change when your foot hurts. It does not feel awful but there is definitely something going on at the outer edge of my right foot. Extensive Googling has lead me to self-diagnose either peroneal tendonitis or a stress fracture in the fifth metatarsal. I have an appointment with my massage therapist on Friday afternoon so we'll see if she has any thoughts.

In the meantime, I'm in injury recovery mode (a mode in which I am well-versed after my 2011 stress fracture).

I decided not to train for the half because I would need to be running 12k this Saturday and I don't think that is a very sensible thing to do no matter what the problem ends up being. I also know that my priorities this summer are to complete a few triathlons so I am willing (although sad) to sacrifice a half in order to be able to do the tri races.

I figure that, worse case, it's a stress fracture. I will need to take another 5-6 weeks off running which brings me to June. That leaves me 6 weeks to work back up to 10k for the Olympic tri. At this point I think that's reasonable and doable.

Of course,  I am making these decisions based on a few website searches and my instinct so things might change after Friday's appointment. In the meantime, I'm taking advantage of my free time to spent more time on the bike which is always a good idea.

Why is it that I dedicate the least amount of time to the sport that takes the most amount of time during triathlons?


  1. I actually heard that the Women's Half last year was poorly organized. I would hope the 2nd year would be better.
    Heal up that injury, you'll be good to go in no time!

  2. Oh man - I hope that you can get back to feeling better quickly!

    I twisted my ankle pretty bad playing basketball a few weeks ago. And of course, didn't stay off it long enough, so guess what happened while I was playing today? Yep, re-twisted it again. Damn. Just as I was getting back into the flow.

    So I have some new, more supportive, shoes on order, and decided to throw a pair of running shoes into the mix too. Breaking news, here on your blog. I'm going to learn how to run (after the ankle heals, of course). I figure I need to mix it up a bit. Besides, all of you d-athletes inspire me. :-)

  3. Have you tried new running shoes? I actually had really bad pain on my outer left foot when I started running and after putting up with the pain for a few weeks I went out and bought new shoes and my foot felt better pretty quickly