Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We Could Be Heroes

I want to be a Global Hero and I want my friends to be heroes too. 

I know, I know, we're all heroes in our own right but sometimes it's nice to get a t-shirt to prove it. 

Medtronic Global Heroes started accepting applications and nominations yesterday.  Twenty-five runners from around the world will be chosen.  Not just any runners. No siree! They're not looking for fast runners, pretty runners, veteran runners or record setting runners. They are looking for runners who are able to run thanks to medical technology.  Insulin pumps, pacemakers, ICDs - that's what they're looking for. 

Robocop heroes.  Cyborgs.  Medical miracles. 

Those chosen will be flown (with a guest) to Minneapolis for the Twin Cities marathon or ten miler depending on your distance of choice. Accommodations are paid for, race entries paid for, food paid for.  A Global Heroes race bib, singlet and hat help the heroes stand out in the crowd.  Special reserve seating for family members and friends in the finish zone.  An invitation to the Heroes reception and a $1000 donation to the charity of choice. 

How fabulous is that?

I have my own hero that I would like to see at the start line.  His name is John and he is one of my great friends. He died on November 1st, 2008 and ran the Ottawa half maration in May, 2009. His story still gives me goosebumps and he is one in a million.  His personality is a combination of humble, sincere, commited and loving. We met through the running group and became kindred spirits during the dark cold runs in the winter of 2009. I always feel better just knowing he's in the room.  

He and I have been emailing back and forth today and we've both applied to be heroes. 

I have no idea how they decide who will be chosen and who will not and I'm sure that the list of worthy candidates is endless. But I love the idea of standing at the start line of that race with John beside me, in our matching Heroes bibs and hats.  Two people who, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, can run. Flanked on either side by Doug and John's wife Michelle, it would be the most entertaining, emotional and life-affirming 10 miler...ever.


  1. To be thought of as a hero is an amazing way to have lived. You and John are not just hero's because of your "devices" but because of how you are as people.

    No matter the outcome, I love you and you are both hero's. To me. To others. To eachother.


  2. I sincerely hope you are chosen. We need some PWD representing.

  3. How fabulous are you two!!??? Absolutely, fantastically fabulous.

  4. Good luck to the both of you. You both deserve this so much. No matter the outcome, you are my heroes.

  5. I second all of this! Fabulous!!

  6. Loved reading this Celine! How cool would that be if you were both chosen!!! Good luck to you both.

  7. Can't think of two better people.