Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Being Green

I love that feeling when you're just so happy that it feels almost like a volcano of happy bubbles is building and about to erupt.  And yes, that's actually what it feels like.

I'm having a happy bubble day today!

It's St. Patrick's Day which is a good start.  I'm proudly sporting my green shirt and everyone I pass in the halls today is in green.  It's fabulous and we're all grinning like a bunch of idiots in on a strange little joke.

I started teaching a new class at work today and everyone who signed up for the class is one of those naturally happy people. I mean REALLY happy.  When they play a board game they get just as excited whether they roll a 1 or a 6.  They're just as happy if they get the answer right or wrong and they don't care if they go to jail or get out of jail free.  They're just happy to be with other people and to be sharing a fun moment.  They cheer everyone on, laugh when they get the answer wrong and shout with joy no matter what the dice say.  Put a group like that together for an hour and we were a complete giddy mess by the end. 

So, to recap, everyone is in green today and I'm riding a high from my new class this morning. 

Might as well call my little Irish Nana to wish her Happy St. Patrick's Day.  She answered the phone in her irish lilt and, well, she had me at hello.  We chatted about the sunshine and the weather and then the phone call ended with her warning me not to drink too much whiskey least until I got off work!  Oh Nana, you're so cute!

Afterwards, I read Dave Hingsburger's blog entry and it sent me over the edge, straight into my happiness volcano.  Dave writes a daily blog about disabilities and he's always thought-provoking.  Today's entry about St. Patrick's Day, inclusion and disabilities was wonderful and is very much worth the read.

With still half of my waking hours left ahead of me, a run in the sunshine and corn beef for dinner, this day shows no signs of slowing down.

So I'm taking a moment to be thankful for my partner, my family and my friends who fill my life with such riches.  And raising a glass to my Grandpa who is looking down on us today with a wee leprechaun on his shoulder and an amber glass of whiskey in his hand. 


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