Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Painting With Light

A blog about diabetes, running and life will typically be guessed it



and Life

The diabetes part is pretty easy.  There's always something to talk about and the topics range from funny to scary and from fascinating to downright weird.

Running is also chock full of writing potential that can range from the painful to the euphoric.

Life.  Now that's just a little too broad and so I often end up writing about running and diabetes.

Today, in an effort to branch out a bit, I've invited a guest blogger to Running with Carbs.  Her name is Céline and she is my photographer alter ego.

You see, in addition to being a runner who happens to have the diabetes, I am also a photographer.  It's not my day job but it's something I love and occasionally get paid to do.

I love photographing anything.  People, still life, landscapes, sports.  I just feel good with a camera in my hand.  Sadly, during the winter months, the camera often gets a bit dusty.  This despite my best intentions to head out to photograph snow-covered vineyards at sunrise.  My excuse is that I spend so much time running in the cold that my body rebels at the thought of standing shivering in the snow waiting for the perfect light.  So the camera gets tucked away until spring makes an appearance.  Then I start stalking baby geese and lying in the dirt to capture the first flowers.

Tonight, in an effort to get my photography mojo back, I got together with a photographer friend and we learned how to paint with light.

In other words, we chose a cool object to photograph, placed it on a black chair, turned off the lights and then painted with light by waving a flashlight back and forth.  Here is the end result:

Pretty cool eh?

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