Friday, March 25, 2011

Lessons Learned

Ahhh yes!

We're two sleeps away and that pre-race, zen-like feeling has descended upon me. 

I love this part. 

We're still far enough out that I can enjoy the excitement, look forward to the expo tomorrow and not sweat the small stuff. All my runs are done, I'm hydrated right up to my eyeballs, my feet, shins and calves are relatively under control and there really isn't much to do now except enjoy the fact that I can luxuriate in bed on Saturday morning for the first time in forever. Nice!

I was thinking this morning about past races and some of the crazy things that have happened.  All you pancreatically challenged runners out there will definitely be able to sympathize and the rest of you may have a better understanding of why my pockets and running belt are jam packed on race day. If I've learned anything, it's to be prepared.

Around the Bay 10k relay in 2009.  I was my first race wearing my insulin pump which I had only started using a few weeks before.  I had been running with my pump attached to my running belt.  Easy to access and not in the way.  On race day, it was an absolute downpour. My particular pump is not waterproof and I had nothing with me that would protect it.  I took it off  the belt and put it in my non-waterproof coat pocket which was already soaked but a least it was somewhat shielded from the elements. I had no other options at this point so I just kept running, hoping my new pump would not self destruct.  Luckily no damage was done but I now carry a small ziplock in my running belt for nasty weather runs.

The Midsummer Night's Run in 2009.  It was in the middle of August and it was hot.  Really hot.  I ran a fairly good race and was happy with my time.  Afterwards, we sat with my sister and her boyfriend to enjoy the summer evening and post race snacks.  Finally headed back to the car and I pulled the ol' change in the middle of the parking lot trick.  I lifted my shirt to discover that my insulin pump was no longer attached to my body.  It must have been the excessive heat and sweating that had dislodged things but it was literally swinging in the breeze, insulin trickling out uselessly on to the ground. I have no idea how long it had been like that but it could have been hours.  And, of course, I did not bring a back up set change. Nothing to do but hop in the car and drive, hoping that the insulin I had taken post race has actually entered my body. Fun!

Grimby half marathon in 2010. Middle of February and really really cold this time.  Cold enough that, ten minutes into a 2 1/2 hour run, my pump started beeping.  The battery was low.  What?!?  I've never carried a spare battery on a run and there had been three bars of power just minutes before.  Nothing to do but keep running and hope that the battery would hold up.  Thankfully I was able to finish the race, enjoy the post race snacks and the drive home without a dead screen.  But I've learned to carry a spare battery on race day. Oh, and a quarter so I can unlock the damn pump.

Around the Bay 30k 2011.  Still a blank slate but who knows what might happen?  I can imagine some pretty crazy scenarios but, chances are, whathever happends will be completely unexpected and worthy of a future blog entry!

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