Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eload Overload

It's confession time folks. 

Today I ate 8 chocolate easter eggs and had a glass of red wine.  It's an absolutely delicious red wine. I may have a second glass before the night is out.  And no, I'm not alternating between a sip of wine and a sip of water.  Just wine thank you very much.  

Did I mention that we've only got three sleeps left until I run the longest run of my life?  

With my glass of wine in one hand, I'm going to explore the topic I touched on a few days ago: the ridiculousness of races.  

For the past four days I have been drinking water like a crazy woman.  I have been dutifully sipping eload throughout the day.  I have been eating my crazy breakfast shake and making healthy food choices at every turn.  My stomach does not know what to do with all the good stuff I keep tossing in there and I am getting rather tired of the taste of eload. Seven days of this for a 30k run is a wee bit tedious. 

When I ran 15k a few weeks ago I had steak and fries for lunch the day before.  I had pizza and wings (with two glasses of red wine) for dinner the night before.  And I had a fabulous run.   

When I did my 25k and 27k runs, I did not sip eload every day, drink water like a madwoman and eat salad and healthy carbs for a week.  I did my regular thing, went to bed, woke up and ran.  

So what's the deal about the extra 3k?  Enough already!!

That's why races are ridiculous.  If I had a 30k long run on the weekend, I would not be doing all this stuff.  Tack on the word 'race' to the activity and I become a crazy health nut who sprinkles chia seeds on everything and is singlehandedly lowering the water level of Lake Ontario.  

I've changed my battle plan.  We're going to try for a bit of balance rather than a week of extremes. 

I promise that I'm going to continue to drink my water and sip my eload.  I'm also going to have a glass of wine.  I'm going to eat my healthy food and enjoy some chocolate eggs.  I'm going to have grilled cheese for dinner tomorrow if that's what I'm craving (with some Franks on top of course) but I'll add some veggies on the side.  


You ok with that oh mighty running gods?  Because the alternative is that you're going to have an über hydrated, electrolyte overloaded, crankypants little runner on your hands on Sunday morning.  

Any nobody wants that now do they? 

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  1. Funny how, unless we are mindful, so many of us can still get swept away in the preparation and forget about the whole "balance" thing.
    Enjoy your run on Sunday ... we'll be cheering you on!