Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Preparing for Battle

Five sleeps. 

I feel like I'm heading into battle. 

Preparations are well underway.

Drinking Strategy 
- I've upped my water intake
- I'm making a big glass of eload in the morning and sipping it throughout the day to keep my electrolytes up.
- I have one cup of coffee first thing in the morning so that I can make sure it's out of my system on time for bed.
- I have not had any wine since Friday night (gawd!) and, unless we lose at curling this week, I probably won't have a glass until after the race.  In curling, it's tradition that the winners buy the losers a drink.  If we lose, I'll take it as a sign from the gods that I'm allowed to have a glass of wine. 

Eating Strategy
- My fairly healthy diet is now extra healthy.  I've gone back to making my breakfast shake (gorp as Doug calls it) every morning.  It's a bit of work and looks like a science expriment gone desperately wrong but it's tasty and makes me feel like I'm doing going things for my body.

My body
- I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon and a massage appointment tomorrow.
- I'm wearing my super sexy compression socks to work every day.
- I'm getting lots of rest, making time to walk and stretch and enjoying an easy week of running.

My mind
- I'm updating my running play list with songs that inspire me, motivate me or have just the right beat to keep me going.
- I'm picturing the finish line, studying the race map and imagining what sorts of mental and physical challenges I will encounter en route so that I can practice overcoming them.

Race day carbs
- I've stocked up on GUs so I should have enough to run about 150k.  You never know, I might get lost or something.
- I have a fresh supply of Welch's fruit chews, my fast-acting carb of choice for running.
- My big bucket of eload is ready and I have about 8 packs of emend for after the race...in the off chance that I need more than one.

Diabetes Management
I still need to sit down and do the math to figure out what exactly I'm going to do on race day.
a) what time will I reduce my basal rate and for how long?
b) how much will I reduce my breakfast insulin based on the fact that I'll be eating around 6:30am but not  running until 9:30am
c) will I eat something just before the race?  If so, what?
d) will I bring food with me during the race?  I don't usually do that but I also don't usually run over lunch.

Let's see.  I'm going to need a complete change of clothes for after the race and I had better bring my compression socks.  Some food that I know I will be able to stomach after running for 3+ hours.  Some juice, some chocolate milk and some emend. Emergency ice packs in case my shins flare up once I stop running.  Advil. Deodorant.  Perhaps a hair brush and clean hat.

Low maintenance indeed.

Five more sleeps.  And then it's battle stations everyone!

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  1. haha Celine, I LOVED reading this!!! You are so organized and it looks like you will be well prepared! You will do AWESOME on Sunday!!

    I hear you though... when i think about Sunday I get so excited and then SO nervous. I am doing the same thing with drinking and drinking and drinking (lots of water and green tea!) and going over everything in my head about 50+ times a day. We can't forget anything, right? :) I love your "...I should have enough to run about 150k" .. too funny!

    Enjoy the rest of your week and I will see you SUNDAY!