Saturday, January 22, 2011

With a little help from my friends

It was really cold at 8am.  Not cold enough to stop the crazy runners but we were definitely bundled with a few more layers.  18k was the magical distance of the day.  Two hours was my goal.

I have no idea if I met my goal because my Garmin battery died before kilometer 5.  It's been doing that lately so it's time to do some googling to find out how one gets a replacement Garmin 205 battery.  

Anyway, my watch was dead so I couldn't check my pace and distance every 15 seconds.  It's a very different kind of run when all you do is run. I enjoyed the scenery.  I watched the faster runners go by and noted what they were wearing.  Where does one buy leg warmers these days?  I looked at the dark sky and the sleeping vineyards and was reminded how wonderful it is to live in Niagara. 

Every few kilometres, I met up with our support vehicle and two of my favourite people in the world.  I met Chris during my first summer of running as he patiently rode his bike beside the slowest runner (me).  We talked a lot and became great friends.  John is a soulmate and a medical miracle - we run together and talk about scars, hospital adventures and life.  Today, as they refilled water bottles, handed out tissues and checked on runners, they kept an extra keen eye out for me.  

Some weeks, my blood sugar cooperates and I sail by with a wave and a smile.  Other times, it acts up, making the run a challenge.  Today was a roller coaster ride with low blood sugar, high blood sugar, and a frozen glucometer to boot.   

I am fiercely independent, proud and stubborn.  It takes a certain knack to support me without making me feel vulnerable.  With Chris and John, I can say "I'm having trouble" and not feel embarrassed.  I let them watch as I test my sugar because I'm ok with them seeing the results.  And I love the fact that they ask me questions, trying to understand the mysteries of diabetes.  

On the way back, I ran by Benny, our coach.  He was waiting a few kilometers from the end, with his wonderful dog Wookie, and asked if my blood sugar had levelled out a bit. 

I finished my run, all 18k of it...with a little help from my friends. 

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