Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thinking backwards

I woke up this morning thinking backwards.

Normally I'll wake up thinking about all the things planned for that day or that weekend.  Not this morning - and I blame it on a certain fireside chat.

Yesterday, to wrap up our first staff training week, our executive director came in to speak with everyone.  He called it his fireside chat and he had a crackling fire on his laptop, a rocking chair, side table, blanket, hot cocoa and popcorn.  He likes doing this because, in our frantically busy world, it's an opportunity to pause, to think backwards and to celebrate the past year.

I woke up this morning thinking backwards.

This time two years ago - I was waiting for my new insulin pump to arrive.  I was making the transition from multiple daily injections to the pump and was excited and extremely nauseated at the thought.  

This time last year I had short hair - now it's down to my shoulders for the first time in years.  Anyone who has gone through that process knows how much fun that is...and how important it is to hide the scissors.

This time last year, I had met a man and was falling in love.

Last April, I met his sister, nieces and their families.  I was welcomed with open arms and get excited every time I get to see them.

Last May, I got my first iPhone.  I promptly dropped it in a glass of water but managed to save the thing. We're now good friends.  I also ran the 1/2 marathon in Cleveland and discovered how exciting and scary it is to stand at the marathon finish line waiting for the person you love to cross.

Last June, I moved.  I also did my first duathlon and signed up with Brock University to be a subject in their diabetes research.  Fun times.

Last July, I learned how to build a deck.

Last August, I supported a team of 8 crazy runners as they attempted, and succeeded, in running a 240 kilometre relay.  I also did my second duathlon and was responsible for killing a squirrel.

Last September, I ran the Grapes 1/2 marathon for the third time - this time with my sister and partner  along on their bikes.  I photographed my first wedding.

Last October, I met my partner's two children and we tentatively started getting to know each other.  By Christmas, I had received genuine hugs from both of them.  Yay!  I also photographed my second wedding.  

Last November, I tried curling and loved it.  I also played hostess to Doug's family as we celebrated his daughter's PhD.   

Last December, I said yes to everything and ended up running 16k on Boxing Day, going to my first Buffalo Sabres hockey game, going to several parties, getting snow tires for the first time, introducing Doug to the joys of walking my parents' dog, having lunch with a friend I haven't seen in over ten years and going to an apartment in Guelph to continue rebuilding a friendship that I broke. 

So far this year, I've started blogging, have met up with another friend I haven't seen in a long time and have gotten back into yoga again.  

My life looks very different now than I did this time last year.  The number of changes that have occurred vastly outnumber the things that have stayed the same.  It was a good year and I'm quite proud of the fact that I kept a fairly firm grip on my sanity throughout.  

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