Friday, January 7, 2011

Sharing the spotlight

I have a lot of great friends. Two of them, John and Michelle, are married.  They each bought the other tickets to Sarah McLachlan for Christmas.  Once everyone stopped laughing about it, I found myself invited along for the adventure. 

I saw Sarah McLachlan a few years ago at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo.  It was a spectacular production, lights, smoke, huge screens...and lots of Sarah. 

This time, the concert was in a theatre and she shared the stage with two amazing singers (Melissa McClelland and Butterfly Boucher).  They didn't open for Sarah, they played with her.  Sarah sang her songs, they sang theirs.  And when they sang, Sarah did back up vocals or accompanied on the piano or guitar. 

What a difference a few years can make. 

The first time I saw her, I loved the concert but didn't connect to the person.  This time, I was just as impressed with the person as with her angelic voice.  Not everyone is able to share the spotlight but she did it easily and elegantly.  Thanks Sarah - for the music and the lesson.  The world is a much better place when we're all given a chance to shine.

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