Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Comfortable routines

I'm a creature of habit who also likes adventures.  Makes for an awkward combination some days. 

I take comfort in my morning shower, my predictable breakfasts, my pre-work routine.  Morning rituals prepare me for the rest of the day because the minute I step out the door, predictability goes out the window.  So I take it where I can.

This morning, I did not have my cream of wheat with a grapefruit on the side, my bowl of healthy cereal with grapefruit on the side or my oatmeal with grapefruit on the side.  I had quinoa with flax seeds, maple syrup and blueberries (with grapefruit on the side). 

Holy bananas!

I found the recipe in my new quinoa cookbook and it sounded delicious.  It was pretty tasty actually and my tummy feels happily full, if slightly confused.

We'll see how my blood sugar does.  Cookbooks that do not provide nutritional information make it a little more challenging when preparing a new dish.  Yes, I can always pull out my trusty carb counting book and do the math but it's just so much easier when it's provided.  So I made my educated guess and we'll find out soon enough how close I was.  As a creature of habit, I could use the knowledge I gained from my blood glucose levels today to make an even better guess tomorrow.  But I'm all set to try the raisin quinoa rice pudding breakfast tomorrow so whatever I learn today will do me absolutely no good.

The price of being wild and crazy I suppose.

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