Thursday, January 6, 2011

We own this

Canada lost to Russia last night.  As a proud Canadian, I dutifully sat down at my television to witness our victory.  With three goals by the third period, we only had to wait another 20 minutes before an entire nation could leap to its feet.  So what the hell happened?

Apparently Russia can play hockey too.  Perhaps we don't actually own the game.  I'm sorry that we lost - it's always more fun when our team wins.  But Russia deserved the gold after that third period performance. They were losing big time but pulled it together and beat all the odds. Good on 'em.

Funny how sports mirror life.  We can train, prepare and plan but it does not guarantee we're going to get what we want.  I've trained for races and did everything exactly the way I was supposed to.  On race day, I couldn't pull it off.  I've also signed up for races with very little training and just figured I'd run for fun. My fastest half marathon was one I ran with the least amount of training. Go figure.

The Canadian team was ready for the gold - they could taste it.  Our entire country could taste it.  They played well, scored three goals...and then hit the wall.  Silver is probably the hardest medal to swallow.  To win gold or bronze, you gotta win your last game. To win silver, you have to play your heart out all tournament and then lose the last game.  That sucks.

Well, let's lick our wounds and move on.  There's always next year.

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