Friday, January 30, 2015


Ten: the number of work days left after today before we pack the car and head south with our golf clubs. I have a brand new set that I haven't even swung yet and am itching to get out there and try them. Oh, and some warm sunshine would be nice.

Nine: the number of extra minutes of sleep I get if I hit snooze at 5am. On a run morning, when every minute counts, I sacrifice one kilometre every time I hit snooze. Yesterday I planned to run 9k before work. I ended up running 7k. But those 18 minutes sure were warm and snuggly.

Eight: the number of weeks left before I officially start training for my spring half marathon. I'm kinda in training mode already but I'm looking forward to discovering whether or not 8 weeks of focused heart-rate running makes a noticeable difference when I start ramping up the mileage.

Seven: the number of workouts I try to squeeze into a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are double workout days because I run before work and do CoreFit or Tabata at night. That means that I can have two off days and still meet my goal.

Six: the number of weeks I can go now between haircuts. I used to be able to go eight but my hair is short again so it needs more attention. Just got trimmed yesterday so I'm good to go until March.

Five: the minimum number of days I can go now without having to refill my insulin pump. It used to be four. A combination of My Fitness Pal, Dexter, exercise and proper serving sizes means that I'm regularly using 10-15 units of insulin less per day than I used to.

Four: the number of pounds I have lost in the last five weeks thanks to a bit of extra effort on my part and My Fitness Pal Sidekick. I'm very happy to see that they are coming off slowly but steadily. Best way to do it non?

Three: the number of gears on my bike that are no longer working. Every time I put the bike in one of those three gears, it jumps right back out of it. Very annoying considering they are the three most popular gears in most of my cycling videos. I will be bringing it in today after work for a little look see.

Two: the number of extra months I got out of my three-month supply of Dexcom sensors. Thanks to having learned the art of dragging each sensor out for as many days as possible, I ordered my three month supply this week rather than at the end of November as I should have. And I do heed my friend Jeff's very sage advice. The minute I start seeing wonky numbers, I call it a day and put on a new one. No point in dragging out a sensor another day or two if that day or two are completely inaccurate.

One: more day until the weekend!

Zero: the number of glasses of wine I've had since last Friday. Every evening I enter my dinner into My Fitness Pal, take a look at how many calories I have left to play with and ask myself "it is worth it?". Every night this week I have said no. I miss it but much less than I thought I would. Not sure if this is a phase or a new habit - only time will tell I guess.

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