Monday, February 2, 2015

Made it to Barrie!

It's hard to believe that January is already done and over with. It seems like only yesterday that I was setting goals for the year.

Well, we are one month in to 2015 so it's time for my first checkin of the year.

So far, running has been going well. I am not training for anything specific at the moment but I'm keeping my mileage up at a point where I could slip into half marathon training without too much difficulty.

In January I ran 12 times and covered 104k in 12 1/2 hours. I like months where I manage to run 100+k. There is something fun about putting that kind of distance on my shoes. Particularly in the cold dark months of a January in Canada.

Cycling has also been going well. I have been much more consistent on the bike in the winter months than I was last summer.

I managed to get 6 rides in and covered a total of 106k in 5 1/4 hours.

Corefit and Tabata
I just finished my fifth straight month of CoreFit and Tabata classes and it's quite clear that these classes are a great addition to my workout schedule. I'm much stronger than I was and I do believe they have made a difference on my runs.

I did 6 classes in January - I missed one due to life and I missed a second one that was cancelled due to snow. I did work out at home that night but didn't count it simply because it was nowhere near as intense as it would have been had I had someone telling me what to do.

Swimming has been good in the sense that I actually made it to the pool which is more than I could say in November and December. But I'm still not feeling any desire to get back in there and must force myself. I managed to swim three times for a total distance of 6.7k.

Nothing to brag about to be sure but a goal to try to beat in February I guess.

So how were things overall?

One month in and I have covered 216km.

My goal for this year was to walk, bike, swim and run the distance from our front door to Regina, Saskatchewan which is a grand total of 2747k.

My 216k takes my from our front door to the other side of Barrie, Ontario.

Slow and steady folks, slow and steady.

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