Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Post-Run Lunch

Saturday morning I went for a very cold, tough, snowy but overall quite lovely run.

I got home around 10am, had a chocolate milk, two pieces of homemade Irish soda bread with almond butter and a banana, took a shower and then headed out again to pick up some groceries.

I had no plans for lunch so I figured I'd see what looked tempting in the veggie aisle.

I ended up putting a portobello mushroom in my cart. Plus a container of grape tomatoes (which are surprisingly tasty this time of year) and some spinach.

Add that to a few ingredients we had at home already and I was all set to make something warm, healthy, tasty and filling.

Step one: chop the mushroom and tomatoes, add some green onions and toss into a frying pan with a smidgen of canola oil. Grind some pepper on top. Stir fry until mushrooms and tomatoes start releasing their juices. 

Toss in several hands full of chopped spinach. Stir until wilted. 

Add in two eggs whisked with a bit of water and stir until cooked. 

Put on dramatic black plate. 

Slice an avocado. 


P.S. A dash or two of Franks Hot Sauce would be a delicious addition. As would, I'm guessing, a wee bit of curry in the eggs. 

Plans for next weekend's post-run lunch are already forming in my head. 

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