Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Year in Review

Hi kids!

Happy 2015.

Now that 2014 has drawn to a close, I'm tempted, as always, to reflect on the year that was. Twenty-fourteen was a year filled with more than our usual share of things. Travel adventures, important family moments, personal challenges, illness and injuries made it a year to remember as well as one that I'm glad in some ways to wave goodbye to.

I am, however, grateful for the lessons as well as the opportunity to see how strong and brave we can really be in the face of adversity.

Carry on.

Also, as a reminder, I do tend edit my life a bit when I write Running on Carbs. Not edit as in make stuff up but edit as in make a conscious decision as to what I will and what I will not share with the world. In that spirit, let's look back on the year that was as seen by Running on Carbs.

Fitness-wise, I think I did quite well depending on what sport we are talking about.

In 2013, I logged 888 km so I set a goal of breaking 1000km in 2014. After I completed my last run of the year I logged it and then did the grand total. In 2014 I did not run 1000km. I ran 1104k! Also known as I ran for 123 hours (not in a row of course). And despite all of that extra distance I have had no running injuries to speak of. So I'm proud as punch about that.

Swimming and cycling
I didn't actually set any distance goals for these two but here is the final report:
I logged 830km on the bike (or 40 hours of riding) and I swam 129km in the pool (or 57 hours of swimming).

Those numbers are nowhere near those of 2013 but, when I consider how little cycling I did this summer and how I haven't been swimming in 3 months, I'm not too disappointed.

I tracked all the walking I did this summer on the golf course and it turns out that I walked 340km (or 136 hours) on the golf course alone. Carrying, yes carrying, my golf bag every step of the way.

CoreFit and Tabata
A new activity for me in 2014 were my evening CoreFit and Tabata classes. I started them in mid-September and, after the first few classes that nearly killed me, I grew to love them. I was able to complete 24 of them in 3 1/2 months and have the arm and ab muscles to prove it. In fact I had to start bringing my own weights in the last two weeks because the ones in class were no longer heavy enough. Look out!

To recap: in 2014 I did 380 hours of physical activity and I logged 2,403km of movement.

To put it another way: I ran, walked, swam and biked the distance from our home in Southern Ontario to Brandon, Manitoba (via Thunder Bay of course). Or, for my American friends, I made it all the way to Miami and then had enough left over to swim to Cuba.

I'll be back tomorrow with some of my goals for 2015.

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  1. Wow! Excellent job fitnessing! Most important of all, it sounds like you had fun doing it.

    And, all things considered, I think I'd rather go to Miami than Manitoba... especially now in the middle of winter.