Monday, December 1, 2014

The Revenge of the Lighthouse

Saturday, well, I have no idea what the weather was. I have no idea if the sun shone or if the wind blew.

We arrived at the curling club just before 8am and didn't leave again until almost 6pm.

In those 10 hours we were busy.

We decorated the club with tacky but fun decorations.

Who can resist a lobster towel, orca, puffin, Ariel display? 

We turned the curling windows into an aquarium. 

Complete with octopi and clown fish. 

We put gummy whales and fishes on all the tables next to the homemade lighthouses.

We revved up the East Coast tunes on the speaker system.

By 9am, the curlers had arrived. By 9:30am we were on the ice playing our first game.

Which we won. With enough points to put us in first place. Which was pretty exciting.

A quick pot of tea (or beer depending on the team) and a bowl of seafood chowder and we were back on for the second game.

The second game was a battle of the Friday night curling titans. Team Geddie versus Team Leahy is always a fun event. Back and forth it went. Good shots, bad shots and miracle shots which, at the end of the day, weren't enough to win. We dropped from first to 6th. Sad.

Thankfully, it was time for lunch. Oysters, lobster penne, caesar salad with calamari and a glass of red wine does wonders for the pride of a team.

Game three was, well, there are no words. How would YOU describe a 6-end game that ended 12-1 for the other team. By the end all we could do was laugh and try hail mary shots in the hopes that they might save us. Our goal was to keep them from getting the maximum points on the board: 15. We achieved that if nothing else.

We dropped down to the bottom half of the standings and skulked off the ice with our tails between our legs.

I tried to redeem us in the closest to the rock challenge. While everyone agreed that I made the best fitness shot of the day, it wasn't enough to win us that honour either.

The day was fun and the feedback from the teams was extremely positive. It was fun to organize and even more fun to be a part of. We'll be back next year - without the pressure to organize the day.

Hurry hard!

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