Friday, December 12, 2014

One Snow Fall = Lots of Reactions

A wee bit of snow fell in my neck of the woods.

It started on Wednesday evening as I drove home from a dinner with friends. Thursday evening, as I wrote this blog, it still hadn't quite stopped. I lost track of how many centimetres fell but it was enough to completely transform the landscape from the dark colours of late fall to the glorious white of winter.

The runner in me peeked out the window on Thursday morning, saw the snow and decided to hop on the bike instead. A few years ago I would have pulled on my yaktraks and toughed it out. Now I am a little more protective and weigh the pros and cons before heading out in nasty weather. Is a 5k run with a high risk of fall or injury really worth it? Not when I am not training for anything AND I have a perfectly good bike in the basement.

The driver in me saw the snow and thanked the driving gods that I only live a kilometre from work AND have winter tires. I looked out my office window all day watching car after car slip and slide their way up and down the street.

The outdoorsy part of me did a little happy dance as I got to shovel not once but twice. In the dark early morning hours the snow was falling, the wind was gently blowing and the world was still and quiet. After work, the sky was blue, the kids were playing in the park across the street and the air was fresh and clean. Snow shoveling is my absolute favourite chore.

The Tabata part of me was sad that the class was cancelled. I sort of got over it after driving home and experiencing how bad the roads were. Suddenly driving across town in the dark was not at all appealing. I completely got over it after a solid hour of shoveling heavy wet snow. A complete core workout that was probably a little easier thanks to all of the Tabata and CoreFit I've been doing.

The homebody part of me looked forward to my first evening on the couch is almost a week. An early dinner, chores done, blog written - time for a few magazines, a glass of wine and some quiet time.

Ready or not folks, winter has arrived.

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