Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Tiny Details

I've been using Training Peaks, an online program, to log all of my workouts in 2014. I'm really looking forward to doing my first monthly report on how much running, cycling and swimming I did.

I am also, as it turns out, becoming a little obsessed.

Just a little mind you.

See I used to log all of my runs which was pretty easy because I would just upload the distance and time from my watch and be able to read my average pace, calories burned, elevation etc etc.

Swimming has been a little trickier to document. I've been really diligent about remembering every single thing we did and writing it down in the comment section of my daily workout. I plug in the distance and the time which works...until it doesn't. I mean how does one calculate distance when they are tethered to a bucket? Or tied to a stretch cord, swimming full speed and yet going nowhere?

And don't even get me started on how to record my Bending Crank Arms workout. I'm working hard for an hour but a lot of that time is spent off the bike doing squats. My cadence meter and gps watch report a pretty measly workout (13k in 60 minutes) which is a rather pathetic pace if I were cycling outdoors. So I write down 325 squats in the comment section and try not to be too bothered by the distance and average speed of my workout.

When I wasn't recording my rides and swims, I didn't care about these things.

Now I am. And I do.

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