Monday, January 13, 2014

Best Day Ever?

On Saturday morning I woke up to balmy temperatures. It was 8C by 9am for heaven's sake! I pulled on my running hat instead of my toque for the first time in over two months. I wore two thin shirts, no jacket, no gloves and I headed out for a 13k run.

Instead of the sound of snow crunching under my shoes, I got to listen to the sound of water rushing down the streets as the mounds of snow melted at an alarming rate.

I spotted all sorts of things that had been buried for weeks in snowbanks. A rusted dog collar. More than a few christmas ribbons. Mitts. Enough Tim Hortons mugs to start my own franchise. Probably a  dollar's worth of dimes, nickels and quarters. I didn't pick any of those up - I was holding out for a $100 bill that I was sure would emerge somewhere during the big melt. If it did, I wasn't the one to find it.

I also managed to pick a route that kept intersecting with city garbage trucks that were out picking up old, discarded Christmas trees. Every time I passed one, I was engulfed in the smell of crushed pine needles. If there is a better smell in the world, I couldn't name it.

So far, the day was going very well.

When I got home, I stretched and had my coffee. Instead of heading up to shower before lunch, I lingered around a bit and then had lunch before my shower. Nothing crazy I know but it's not my typical routine.

Trust me though, there was method to the madness.

I wanted to have lunch first so I could bolus the last few units of insulin and get my pump down to almost empty. Meaning that I would then remove the infusion site before my shower. At the same time, I also removed Dexter as it was getting beyond the time when he needed to be changed too.

And for the first time since the last week of November, guess what I got to do??



Dexter gets changed every 7-14 days. My pump gets changed every 4-5 days. When the stars align for them both to be changed at the same time, this girl does a happy dance. You have no idea how nice it is to shower without having to be aware of where all of your cyborg parts. To just be able to shower is a luxury that cyborgs like me sometimes dream about. I admit it, I may have stayed an extra few minutes in the steam just relishing the moment.

By 1pm on Saturday, I had run 13k, enjoyed a taste of spring, been engulfed in the smell of pine needles, and had my first naked shower in almost two months.

Did I mention that I had grilled cheese with Franks Hot Sauce for lunch?

How's that for the best day ever??

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  1. I don't miss that one bit. Every day is true nekkid shower for me. I do know how you feel though... nothing feels that good!
    grilled cheese (vegan and gf) is an absolute favourite around our house but nothing beats it with Franks! ADORE!