Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Fragments

Sometimes it just makes sense to end a week with a few bullet points.

  • Doug asked me to spare for him on his Tuesday night curling team. A team made up of four pretty talented, experienced, men. They were playing against a team of four pretty talented, experienced, men. I showed up with my purple broom, purple vest, scarf and perky ponytail and announced that I was "Doug" for the evening. I held my own when it came to throwing and swept my heart out for them. In fact I was sweeping so hard at one point that my lip balm went flying out of my pocket and skidded down the ice. "Is that your lipstick?" one of the gentleman asked. No, that's my lip balm was my response as I stuffed it back into my pocket. I don't think they knew what to make of me but we did end up having fun. And, while we didn't win, we came darn close and held our own until the end. And, for the record, I was recruited to spare for the other team in a few weeks. 
  • On Wednesday morning we had a pretty busy workout at the pool. From the minute we arrived we were given one command after another (pull 400m, swim 10x10, do this, do that). About fifteen minutes before the end of the workout, as I worked my way through 30x50m, I started adding it all up. OMIGOD I thought, she's trying to get us to do 4000m in 90 minutes. We didn't quite make it due to lack of time but I managed to do 3650m before calling it a day. That's a pretty big jump from our usual 3000m. "Today was a distance set" she said as we left. No kidding.
  • I have had my new bangs now for two weeks. During those two weeks I have had several people ask what was 'different' about me. I answered them all with 'I used to be blonde' and their response was 'oh, ok, that must be it'. These are people I have worked with for years. For the record, I have never had anything other than very dark hair. I was also supposed to present at a meeting the other day but the chair didn't think I had arrived yet. I had to waive to get her attention and she was shocked that it was me. Apparently I look a little different now. 
  • Oh, and I may have been asked to be the keynote speaker at a conference in April. It's a conference put on by Animas and it is geared to diabetes educators, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists etc. They want me to kick things off by telling my story and talking about how I use diabetes as a motivation to do all sorts of things. I'm so honoured that they asked and so excited to do it. Remember back two weeks ago when I listed my goals for 2014? One of them was to do more diabetes presentations. Looks like I'm well on my way.

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