Friday, January 24, 2014

Relationship Issues

As with any new relationship, there will be growing pains.  

There will be days when you work in perfect harmony, as if you could read each other's every thought, almost before they even think it. 

There are days when you wonder how you ever got involved in the first place and are not sure if all the effort will be worth it in the end. 

And then there are days when you realize that being somewhere between those two extremes is the best place to be. Perfection isn't real and certainly doesn't last beyond the first fews dates...if that. And, while they can be frustrating at times, they really are wonderful. They really do make your life better and they really are worth the effort. 

Dexter and I are past the honeymoon phase. There are still entire days when I gaze at him and cannot believe how amazing he really is. Days when he reads every blood sugar and is bang on. Days when he responds to my ups and downs and charts every trend with precision. We work as one and, as a result, I can easily do what I need to do to stay in range with nothing but rolling hills on his little graph. 

Then there are days when he's off. By a lot. He tells me I'm climbing and have reached 15.0 and yet, when I check, I'm 10.2 and, when I check again, I'm 9.0. My rolling hills have transformed into mountain ranges with jagged peaks and drops as we try to calibrate. 

Those are the days when he wakes me up at 3am with a four buzz alarm to tell me that I'm 2.8 and, when I check, I'm 6.0. He won't believe me when I tell him that I'm find and keeps alarming until, out of frustration, I walk around for a few minutes to get my blood moving in the hopes that this will help. If it doesn't, I eat a fig newton, bring my blood sugar up to 9 so he thinks it's 5 and go back to sleep. My last thought as I drift off is that I will change him in the morning but, when I wake up, he's back to being perfect again and I sigh and let him hang out for another few days. 

I admit that relationships take two people to make it work. I know that I don't always help the situation. Like the other day when I changed him. When it came time to enter my blood sugar readings, I had just had a large, carb-loaded dinner. He tried to adjust based on what I told him but I was changing so quickly that he couldn't keep up. He buzzed that I was 14 but I was only 8. He buzzed that I was dropping quickly but I was now at 12 and climbing. He buzzed later that I was 2.8 but I was 6.0. It took hours for the two of us to get our act together. 

I'm sure he was just as annoyed with me as I was with him. 

And yes, there is a kind of perverted comfort in that. 

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