Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Painting 2013 by Number

On Monday I mentioned that I ran 888 kilometres in 2013.

Being a lover of numbers, I decided to look back on the year and see what else I might have tracked.

Turns out that I tracked quite a few things:

I ran 109 times last year. If you subtract the 8 weeks I was off due to injury it means that, during the rest of the year, I ran once every 2.8 days.

I try to run three times per week which, technically, means I run every 2.3 days so I managed to be pretty close to that during most of the year. Yay.

Four months last year I ran over 100km and December was the highest month - topping out at 111km. I figure that was partly due to my lack of swimming and partly due to the fact that I was on vacation and much more inclined to run a few extra kilometres since I had all sorts of free time. The other high months were the ones leading up to half marathons - which makes total sense.

The lowest mileage months were the summer months when I was busy doing triathlons and not putting in the long distance weekend mileage I would typically do. Again, makes sense.

The other number from my running spreadsheet was my weight. I wrote it down on January 1st 2013 and it was 155.5 pounds. I got on the scale on December 31st, 2013 and it read exactly 155.5 pounds. Apparently I'm in my happy place.

This time next year I will have a full twelve months of swims and bike rides logged as well thanks to my number workout log on Training Peaks. That should make for some fun number crunching.

I wrote 236 blog entries in 2013. The words poutine, crazy rabbit and Cabot Trail are the search terms that most often bring people to my blog.

In 2013, diabetes drugs and supplies cost me, my benefit provider and the government a total of $8,036.42. Pump supplies cost $2379.87. I receive $2400 every year from the government to cover those so that worked out nicely. I also spent $1840 to buy Dexter and one month worth of supplies. That entire cost was covered by my work benefits. The remaining prescriptions I needed in 2013 (test strips, insulin, cholesterol meds etc) were covered 80% by my benefits. The total cost for all those was $3816.55 of which I paid $763.31.

I have used four Dexcom sensors so far. The first lasted 14 days. The second lasted 13 days. The third gave me trouble from the start and I gave up after 7 days. The fourth is 7 days old and going strong. They are only supposed to last for 7 days so I'm already two weeks ahead. It will be interesting next year to figure out how much money I spent on sensors...and how much I saved by dragging each one out a few extra days.

I paid $674.16 in race entry fees last year. That was for two half marathons, four triathlons, two open water swim races and Boxing Day ten miler. I have four hats, three shirts and three medals to show for it. I also paid $576.25 for masters swim classes and $710 for running shoes, running clothes and swim supplies (bathing suits, goggles etc). I paid $700 in massage last year - and was reimbursed for $500. I did not track what I spent on chocolate milk, NUUN tablets, GU gels and Clif Builder bars but I'm sure it's close to another $200. That's a lot of money on athletic pursuits.

Interesting when it all gets put together isn't it?

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