Thursday, May 10, 2012

D-Blog Week is Coming!

Next week is the 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week!

I completely missed the 1st annual one because I had not yet discovered the world of blogging and DOC'ing.

I stumbled upon the 2nd annual D-Blog week last year and decided on a whim to join up.

This year, I've been waiting for it.

Diabetes Blog Week is the brainchild of Karen at Bitter-Sweet. The idea was to help diabetes bloggers unite, share stories and discover blogs they might never have read otherwise. The way it works is that there is a set topic for us to write about every day starting next Monday. We write about it, we post it and we add a link to our blog on Karen's site. Then, when we have some free time during the day, we just start clicking away on every link and reading blog after blog where people just like us are sharing their stories.

Last year was a pretty amazing experience. The topics really forced me to think about diabetes: the good, the bad and the ridiculous. Reading the other blogs lead me to discover some pretty amazing people whose blogs I now read faithfully every day.

This year's topics have been posted and they are pretty neat.

Monday: Find a Friend (we have to write about other diabetes bloggers that we think everyone should read)

Tuesday:  One Great Thing (we have to write about the one diabetes thing we do really really well)

Wednesday: One Thing To Improve (this is something about diabetes that we really should get better at)

Thursday: Fantasy Diabetes Device (we have to use our imagination to come up with a diabetes device that we think would be fabulous - I have to think about that one but I imagine it will involve a cape of some sort)

Friday: What They Should Know (what we wish people knew or understood about diabetes)

Saturday: Saturday Snapshots (we get to post pictures about diabetes)

Sunday: Diabetes Hero (we get to write about someone who we think is a diabetes hero)

Some pretty amazing topics this year and my brain is already whirling as it tries to figure out what to write for each one. And yes, I will be posting for the entire week - even on the weekend (gasp!).

Stay tuned!


  1. Oh! Thanks for reminding me! I was wondering when this was coming up.

    Can't wait to read your posts next week.

  2. I seriously got all choked up reading this - I can't tell you how much I appreciate your enthusiasm and I'm so glad you like the topics (I always worry everyone will hate them!!). I can't believe it's the third year already - I think it's going to be a very fun week!! :)