Friday, October 7, 2011

We Are More Than Diabetes

Today is No D-Day.

No D-Day was started by Ninjabetic and (to quote him) "it is a day when our online interactions avoid diabetes completely. Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, MySpace (lol), and anything else you can think of. Not a peep about that dumb disease. For one day."

So,  let's get started shall we?

I am more that diabetes. 

I am a daughter.  The first born daughter of two amazing people.  A fiery Irish mother and a strongly principled perfectly bilingual French Canadian father. Because of them I am a traveller.  I am a voracious reader.  I am not afraid to try strange foods.  Because of them I was able to conquer my childhood stutter and can now regularly present in front of large groups of staff.  I survived a major car accident, impacted wisdom teeth, divorce and relationship turmoils with their help. I go to the theatre, take the time to cook delicious meals, speak my mind and stick to my guns - because of them.  

I am a sister.  The eldest of three girls.  We giggle over Bridget Jones and quote Steel Magnolias and The Three Amigos.  We fight over the Holt Renfrew Clinique Bonus gift packs and share a love of planning family surprises.  We are so different and yet so alike.  I am ridiculously proud of both of them and they are a constant source of inspiration and support. I feel 100% when all five of us are under the same roof, with the cat and the dog underfoot. 

I am one half of a great partnership.  We found each other when neither of us was looking and we never looked back.  

I am a friend.  For someone who is naturally quiet and shy, I have a wonderful group of friends - from elementary school, high school, university, college, work and running.  Somehow it all works and I am so very lucky to have them all in my life.  

I am a photographer.  I bought my first camera in 2003 and was shocked to discover how much I loved it.  I say yes to every request and, as a result, have photographed weddings, babies, boudoirs, aerials, pro golf tournaments, races, community events and all sorts of amazing landscapes.  Check out: if you're so inclined. 

I am a runner.  I 'discovered' running while in Ottawa.  I happened across the CIBC Run for the Cure 5k and was so inspired by all the runners crossing the finish line that, as soon as I got home, I immediately went to the local running store to buy a pair of shoes.  I started running the very next day and my life changed completely. 

I am a Mac girl.  We got our first Mac when I was probably about 12 years old and I was hooked.  Right now there are three working Macs in our house and three not so working ones.  Oh, and two iphones and a couple of shuffles.  And a ipod mini (remember those?).  

I make a mean pot of soup. 

I was a vegetarian for 18 years and the first thing I ate when I craved meat was an entire steak.  

I have three tattoos.

I have never dyed my hair.  It's getting greyer by the minute but I kinda like it that way.

I have always wanted a nose ring but never had the nerve to get one.

I have a degree in marine biology.  

I work in social services with adults who have a developmental disability.  The first day of work scared me because I had never known anyone with a developmental disability before.  By the second day I was hooked.  The people I am supposedly there to help have taught me more than I could ever hope to teach them.  

If something scares me - that means I have to do it.  

Because of that rule I have done all sorts of crazy things - bungee jumping, rock climbing, public speaking, scuba diving.  Swimming starts next week. 

I do not have a bucket list.  I do not make New Year's resolutions.  I do not believe in fate.  

I take life day by day and am very aware of how precious and precarious it can be.  

I live every day.  Really live it.  I fall into bed exhausted and climb out the next day ready to do it all over again. 

I am who I am.  And who I am is way more than diabetes. 


  1. THIS was absolutely amazing!
    I'm so happy to know you and even happier to learn more about you that I didn't know through this post. Thanks for sharing, you are an exceptional human being and have taught me so much!

  2. and you are an inspiration with the heart of a fierce warrior. And my favorite super-hero! What an awesome post.

  3. I am truly lucky to have you in my life (oh, and you forgot Apple TV)

  4. I love this post and that picture of your family. For me, family is everything.

    You have totally inspired me in taking on things I am scared to take on. Thank you so much for this post.