Friday, October 14, 2011

Disabled List Update - Week One

I guess Friday is as good a day as any to give an ankle report.

It's been a week (and two days) since my last run.

My ankle has been sore pretty much non-stop the entire time.  Nothing awful but it's just always there in the background.  Cycling and swimming help loosen it up and it feels good for a while afterwards but then it starts acting up again.  I'm constantly walking around with a mild limp which pride makes me try to hide. I guess that's why I'm supposed to take six weeks off - if it felt awesome after one week, I'd be pissed off.  I know that sounds weird but if I'm taking time off, it better be for a damn good reason.

So week one is up and I'm still sore.

I saw Janice on Wednesday and she gave it a good working over.  Last night Doug and I went for a bike ride.  I pushed it from start to finish and my ankle felt fabulous after.

My blood sugar, on the other hand, did not.  I've never (to my memory) had a low because of cycling.  I rarely have lows running either.  I guess I'm lucky that way.

Well, I did my usual routine and started the ride at a BG of 10.0.  Perhaps it was the extra effort I put in during the ride but about 3k from home, I started feeling shaky.  I feel like that during exercise if my sugar drops even to five so I figured I had a bit of a window before I was officially low.  Two kilometres from home, I felt a little shakier but it seemed silly to stop when we only had a few minutes left.  One k from home, I knew I was low but by then I just wanted to get home so I pushed it.


I wobbled down my street, dropped my bike in the driveway and mumbled something about sugar.

I was 2.5 by the time I stumbled to the fridge for chocolate milk.

I guess all the cycling has made me a bit stronger and my faster pace eats up glucose a little more aggressively.  I'll have to remember that for next time.

Next friday is my appointment with my MD.  I'll see if she sends me for a bone scan (to diagnose a stress fracture), an MRI, an ultrasound or nothing at all.  Hopefully by the time I go see her there has been some progress in terms of how things are feeling.

In the meantime - I am loving my new cycling and swimming routine.  I won't mind another few weeks of this.  Hopefully the weather holds up for me - I won't be quite as enamoured if I'm stuck riding on my trainer in the living room.

By the way, thanks for all the shampoo advice.  I went on a shopping adventure and ended up going to four stores before I managed to find any of the suggested bottles.  Apparently Ultraswim is no longer available in Canada and Erin, I have no idea where the heck they sell Aveda. Selena - I managed to find your AG Renew so I got that one.  I also got one called Fairy Tales (who can resist that name?) which is apparently a little more natural as it's designed for kids.

Is it wrong that I'm excited to shower at the public pool??


  1. Sounds like you're making the best out of a bad situation! I'm so glad to hear you are filling the voids and enjoying it :)

  2. We use a Fairy Tales product on Adryanna's hair and it makes it super soft. Glad you found something!!!

  3. Hey Celine - you can find Aveda at any "Aveda certified" salons.. Storm Hair Group is one, Blush Salon is another :)