Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Easy Versus Hard

Three more weeks until I can run.


Once I can run I have to ease back into it by running one minute and walking one minute - repeat ten times.  

If it feels ok, I build up from there.  If it doesn't, I take more time off. 

Best case scenario is that I can run for one hour by the end of 2011. 

What do you call it when I can't run, won't be running for a while and yet am trying to decide which spring marathon to train for?  



I'm not signing up for anything just yet but it does help to think positive thoughts. Make plans. Have something shimmering far off on the horizon to look forward to. 

What is it about running?  

Now that I've discovered cycling and swimming, I am very very aware of how much pounding running puts on the body.  Cycling and swimming don't hurt.  Sure, I could get repetitive motion injuries in my shoulders after months of swimming but right now I don't feel anything after a workout other than refreshed. 

I don't have to ice my shoulders or my legs.  I don't have to stretch for an hour or take ibuprofen to keep the pain in check.  

I just do the workout, shower and get on with my day. 

And yet when I'm cycling or swimming, I'm thinking about running.  

I want to run.  

Why?  Why do I want to pound my body so hard?  Why do I want to do something that is so difficult?  That takes so much time?  That requires massage and chiropractic treatments, icing and stretching just to keep going? That makes my blood sugar go crazy?  

Swimming = easy on the BGs, easy on the body, easy on the pocketbook.

Running = the opposite of swimming. 

I love them both very much.  But if I were forced to choose, I'd pick my running shoes, my shuffle and the open road. 

No question. 


  1. You are a runner at heart. Deep down inside, that is your ultimate sport of choice.
    Perhaps the aches and pains are part of it?
    Perhaps the challenge of it is what makes you love it?
    You are a runner and when this injury heals, you'll be a better runner from all that cross training!

  2. +1 on what Scully said. And...

    Might I suggest triathlon? Combine three things you enjoy. Plus, you haven't really lived until you start passing people while running *after* you've already swam and run. Think it over. :^)