Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seventeen One Too Many Times

I have read about other people's issues with insulin pump insertion sites.  I heard that sometimes they don't work well and a person's blood sugar climbs through the roof.  I've read about that and thought - wow that's sucks.

Never had it happen to me though. Not once in the 2+ years I've been on the pump.

Well I have been fighting crazy high blood sugars for two days.  I hit 17 twice yesterday doing what I always do.  Taking the same breakfast bolus for the same breakfast.  Doing the same pre run routine I always do.  17?  Seriously? 

I woke up at 2am and my sugar was, you guessed it, 17.

Today, I was 17 AGAIN two hours after lunch.  The same lunch I often have with the same bolus.

Every time, I took extra insulin and my sugar went back down but never as low as it should have gone based on the amount of insulin I took.

I've ruled out illness because I don't feel sick.  Well, other than the disgusting, sluggish, headache-y nauseated feeling from being high.

I'm not stressed as far as I can tell.

I have no infections...that I've noticed anyway. 

I have not increased or changed my activity level.

There are no air bubbles in the tubing.

Could it be my insertion site?

I'm not due to change it until tomorrow but I'm willing to take a hit on the insulin loss by changing it early.  So I'm heading home early to do the ol'changeroo and see what's what.

Fingers crossed. 


  1. Hey There, I definately concur with the site issues, less often with the angled caths. But nonetheless, once a month I need to yank it out and start again, I cringe every time, due to the waste. I hope you feel better, post change.

  2. I get like this with kinked cannulas. It is as if the correction boluses get through but the basal doesn't. Which is why the BG seems to come down after a correction bolus but not before it starts creeping up again.
    Hope the set change helped.

  3. Lordy- thats all I got..... Lordy.