Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not. Fasting.

I go see my endo exactly two weeks from today.  That means it's time for bloodwork again.  Which means the little diabetic girl has to fast for 12 hours.  For details on how fun fasting is, check out the play by play from the last time I had to do it. Fasting is no easy feat for the diabetically inclined.

So last night I dutifully counted carbs at dinner, avoided a late night snack and checked my sugar several times before bed to see if it was holding steady.  It was.  There were no lows in the middle of the night (bonus!) and I woke up feeling fine.  Sweet! 

Blood sugar check = 3.9 (sigh).  I had to eat something which means no bloodwork for me today.

So I hopped in the shower and began working out my plan of attack for tommorrow morning. Suddenly, out of nowhere, two words literally exploded in my head. 



Now February feels like a long time ago but I had a vague memory of my endo writing that on the top of my blood test form. 

I thought a little harder....YES!!!  She did write that. 

See, after years of trying very hard, I finally managed to get my cholesterol low enough (as in super human low) thanks to a wee beige pill I take every morning.  Apparently once one reaches the target range, they do not have to have their cholesterol checked for a year. It's that test that requires fasting.  All I need to have checked this time is my A1C.

Yes, I did indeed do a little happy dance in the shower.

I waltzed downstairs, made my delicious morning shake, lounged around a bit and headed to work.  Because folks, I work right next to the lab where I go for bloodwork.  And no fasting means no waiting in line with everyone else at 7:30am.  I can skip down the street at 2pm today if I want to, roll up my sleeve and answer "No, I did not fast" when they ask me.

Better yet, I could walk in at 7:30am with a coffee in one hand and a donut in the other.  Might piss off the other poor fasting folks but hey, I've been on that side of the table plenty of times and will be there again.  If keeping my cholesterol in check means I only have to fast for one test per year - I'm all for it.

It feels good to be in control.  I'll go get bloodwork done when I damn well feel like going.  Today, tomorrow, before work, at lunch.  Who cares really?  I sure as hell don't.

And that, my friends, feels fabulous!


  1. 7:30am with coffee in hand will surely piss off the fasting people. DO IT LOL

  2. I commend you on your... strictness (?) I am so grumpy when it comes to that fasting thing. I still drink coffee in the morning and if I go low, I treat with a little glucose. I also don't fast for 12 stinking hours.
    I was always under the impression that the lipids tests don't need fasting? I always assumed the fasting part was for the fasting BG only. Which is why I have been such a rule breaker.