Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Colour Purple

When I was cute little freckle-faced kid dreaming about becoming a marine biologist, my favourite colour was blue.  Not the sissy pale pastel blues but the deep dark royal and bright vibrant rich blues of the world.  Anything blue attracted me and I always picked blue when given a colour choice.  I ate my blue smarties last, bought blue yoga mats and got excited when the running shoes that were best suited to my feet were blue.

When it came time to order my first insulin pump, my colour choices were: clear, sensible grey, purple or bright blue.  I chose bright blue.  I never hide my diabetes so there was no point in buying a neutral coloured pump.  So my pump is bright BLUE!  How very cool is that?

As I've grown up, I slowly gained an appreciation for any kind of bright colour.  Tomato red, bright yellow, hot pink, green, orange.  I like all colours as long as they're bright.  The richer and brighter the better.  But blue always had a special place in my heart.

In the last year or so, my colour preferences haven't so much changed as expanded and I have discovered purple.  I'm not sure what brought on this expansion to my colour palette but now I covet deep rich purple things the way I do the blue ones.  Hell, the front and back doors of our house are painted purple and it's wicked.

Today, I had my quarterly endo appointment.  It went well.  We tweaked my basal rates a bit, troubleshooted (troubleshot?) a few things, talked about Yann Martel and reviewed my latest A1C.  Which, by the way, is a fabulous 6.9.  Yay me.

The best part of the appointment occurred when I asked if I could have a new glucometer.  Mine is old and is starting to feel rather bulky.  I thought I'd check out the newer models to see if anything caught my eye.  

My Endo left and came back with a new, compact, super sleek glucometer for me.  Much smaller than my current one and easier to slip into a pocket or a running belt.

The best part though isn't its functionality, the fact that it double checks my blood sugar results or the fact that it doesn't beep at me all the time. The best part of all is that it's purple!

I'm talking bright, shiny, make me happy every time I check my sugar purple. 



  1. I love colorful things too! It's so nice and small. I use this one when I am going to special events and I have a small purse.

  2. As I was reading your post I started to laugh...with a few key changes (marine biologist dreams, diabetes supplies colours, etc), I could have written this. I have always been a blue girl. The first time I repainted my room with my colour choices it was various shades of blue. The majority of my wardrobe used to be blue. Over the past year, my wardrobe is slowly changing and it is now purple dominated. I find myself wanting to buy things solely for the reason that it's purple. I wanted to buy an e-reader last week, not because I actually want one but because they had a really nice purple cover for it. I understand the affinity to purple, maybe it's something in the air in Niagara.