Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Little Trust Goes a Long Way

I was thinking a bit about trust yesterday.

I was thinking about it as I sat at the hair salon having my hair coloured and cut.

I was thinking about it because to both of the wonderful ladies who take care of me, I said the same thing: "I trust you. Do whatever you think would look nice"

I came out with a new chopped hairdo with lovely highlights for spring.

I could have come out hating what they had done but I knew without a doubt that they would have fun but leave me feeling good about what they had done rather than horrified.

Some people I trust completely.

If they give me a running schedule to follow, I follow it without question.

If they recommend a product, I go out and buy the big bottle without even trying it first.

If they tell me to read a book, I buy the hardcover rather than take it out from the library, because I know I'm going to love it.

They know me well enough to know what will and won't work and I know them well enough to know that they know that.

Other people might give me a workout routine and I'll say a sincere thank you and then go home and change it to suit my personal taste.

The thing is that I'm pretty sure if I had my hair cut by someone that I didn't trust and they gave me the exact same haircut that I got yesterday, I probably wouldn't like it as much. But because it was cut by someone who listens, knows me and respects my boundaries, I love it.

So it's not so much about the haircut as the person cutting it.

Strange how that works eh?

All that to say that I got my hair cut yesterday, that I make up my own half marathon training plans but always ask Doug for feedback on them, and that I'll read any book my mom tells me to read.

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