Monday, December 17, 2012


I'm tired. 

I always get tired as vacation approaches. It's like my body knows it is going to get a rest and it loses its ability to push as hard as it normally pushes. 

This time, it's been a long time since I've had a restful vacation. I've had plenty of fun adventures this year. We went to the Cabot Trail for a relay race. We went cycling through Québec for four days. We ran the Twin Cities ten-miler and we went to New York...twice. 

I love adventures and you won't hear any complaints out of me. 

But I must admit that I am looking forward to having two weeks off. 

Between December 22nd and January 7th, I plan on a lot of family time and visits with friends. I plan on lots of runs and trips to the pool. 

But I also plan of lots of time on the couch. And naps in the sunshine. And no alarm clocks set for 4:55am. 

My life is full of fun, adventure and hard work. I live life on the edge of exhaustion and sometimes I cross the line and need to recuperate for a few days. 

2pm on the 21st can't get here soon enough...


  1. I hear ya! Been nodding off too much and sleeping through weekend alarms.

  2. I hear that too. I'm 4 days away from vacation and almost counting the hours!


  3. You totally deserve some rest and relaxation. Kicking so much ass all year long can wear ya out! :-)