Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bowls of Food

I realized the other day that, while I don't have a favourite kind of food, I do have a favourite way of eating food...if that makes sense.

I realized this as I was preparing my dinner which consisted of the following:
- one large bowl
- quinoa
- steamed kale
- roasted, mashed (with peel) sweet potato
- black beans
- goat cheese
- avocado
- olive oil
- soy sauce

Add all ingredients to bowl, stir, enjoy.

Might not be much to look at but it's super tasty and packed with vitamins.

My lunch that same day had been:
- large bowl
- oats soaked in milk for a few hours
- banana (sliced)
- apple (chopped)
- granola
- raisins

Toss everything into a large bowl, stir, enjoy. By the way, this yummy concoction is also known as Bircher muesli if anyone is interested. I learned all about it last weekend on our trip to Ottawa and am hooked.

One of 8 million variations of Bircher Muesli

Oh, and did I mention my breakfast had been my regular shake (or gorp as Doug affectionately calls it) which consists of:
- a large container
- banana
- frozen raspberries and blueberries
- chia seeds
- Vega powder
- yogurt
- soy milk

Blend well and enjoy.

I love almost all types of food. I am equally happy eating sushi, korean, italian, indian, middle eastern, thai, south american, steak and potatoes, pizza and wings, or vegan. I just really enjoy food.

But, as I sat down to my dinner concoction I realized that my absolute favourite way to eat is to toss everything into a big bowl, stir, and enjoy. Preferably with a spoon. While wearing comfy pants and a sweatshirt.

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