Friday, December 7, 2012

The Power of Colour

You know those lists that go something like this: you know you're a runner when...?

I have a new list I've just started. It begins with - You know you're getting over your cold when... think you can manage to not sneeze or blow your nose for an hour and are willing to test that theory by painting your nails.

If that theory blows up, so does the nail job.

I risked it and ended up with some lovely nails proudly sporting Cocoa a Go Go. And yes, I do buy nail polish half for the colour and half for the name.

Here's the deal. A few years ago, I didn't wear nail polish. I also didn't wear makeup.

Now, I wear eye makeup pretty much every day and my nails more often than not are sporting a funky colour. I do this partly because I like it, which I freely admit, but partly because it keeps some of my nervous ticks at bay.

I discovered it purely by accident really. I used to bite my nails and pick at my fingers. I still do if you give me half a chance. When I had my nails done last year for my sister's wedding I discovered that I don't touch them when they are painted. I don't want to wreck the paint job. My nails actually grew and looked nice. So I kept going back for manicures...until I realized that was a crazy waste of money. Now, I have a collection of colours at the ready and do my own nails. When they're painted - I leave them alone. Take off the polish and I am right back at them again.

I discovered the same thing with eye makeup. I constantly rub my eyes which, particularly during cold season, is never a good idea. I just can't help it and the more I rub, the more I want to rub. Last fall I had my makeup done for my friend's wedding and realized at the end of the evening that I hadn't touched my eyes once. Didn't want to mess up the paint job. That, and the fact that I liked the look, inspired me to purchase a few items and figure out how to do it on my own.

So yes, while I do enjoy the look of eye makeup and nail polish, I also appreciate the role they play in keeping me in check. I know my weaknesses and I've found a way to easily deal with two of them.

Manicure done, trying valiantly not to sneeze...

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  1. I am the same with respect to my nails! I am a terrible nail biter, usually don't even notice when I do it. If they are manicured or painted I don't touch them...ever. As for eye makeup I always wear mascara mostly because my eyelashes are read and without mascara it looks like I don't actually have any eyelashes! Glad to hear you are getting over your cold.