Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just Some Numbers

A few numbers, for the record.

  • I've been using the FlexBar for 12 days. My elbow no longer hurts when I grasp things with my right hand and it no longer hurts when I lift things with my right arm. The only time it hurts now is right after I use the FlexBar. 

  • I have been using My Fitness Pal for 80 days. I have not missed a day of logging my food intake or my activity, not even during our two week holiday. 

  • I typically meet my daily fibre goal before lunch and I haven't come anywhere near my sodium limit in weeks yet I'm still struggling most days to get all of my calcium and all of my protein. Despite what feels to me like a lot of nuts and a lot of yogurt. Maybe if I top my yogurt with some grilled chicken? 

  • I've dropped 4 pounds. Not a ton but I wasn't going for a ton. I just wanted to get back to the weight I was a few years ago and I'm almost there. 

  • The weight loss is fine and all but the best part of it all are the other things I've changed. I hardly drink alcohol at all anymore and I hardly miss it. I still have my after curling glass of red wine but I have not opened a bottle of wine in my own home in six weeks. The 8 bottles sitting the cupboard aren't even calling my name. 

  • I no longer buy chocolate bars to stash in the cupboard for after dinner treats. I find it easy now to turn down treats when they are brought into the office and my serving sizes have been cut in half. I rarely feel hungry but I also rarely feel full. I just feel good. 

  • I use almost 20 fewer units of insulin per day than I did a year ago. I've gone from the high 40s and low 50s to the low 30s. 

  • I chopped my hair a few months ago which resulted in some unexpected savings. I save several minutes in the shower every morning since I have much less hair to wash and rinse. On the other hand I spend much more time drying it now that I can't get away with letting it dry on its own. I am saving a lot of shampoo since I have much less hair to lather. On the other hand I am spending more on haircuts since I now go every 6 weeks rather than every 8-9. I'm guessing if I crunch the numbers it was cheaper and easier to have longer hair but I like it short so short it will stay. For now at least.

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