Friday, February 7, 2014

Road Trip

Running on Carbs will be off the grid for the next two weeks. Doug and I are heading off on a much-anticipated two-week road trip. We will be meandering our way down to Florida with stops in famous cities, historic golf courses, quiet islands and sunny beaches.

We've packed our winter clothes and our summer clothes. Dress clothes and hiking clothes. Our cycling, running and golf clothes plus matching shoes. Camera bags. Laptops. Breakfast foods and snacks galore.

And I have a rather large bag filled with insulin pump supplies, Dexter supplies, test strips and emergency carbs.

I'll post stories when I can and I'm sure we'll have lots of photos and stories to share upon our return.

In the meantime, stay warm and enjoy Les Olympiques.

Vas-y fort Canada!!


Oh, and, if you have a moment, would you mind wandering over to the Canadian Blog Awards site? I just found out that I have been nominated for Best Sports Award. It's a pretty nice honour and every vote counts.

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