Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Road Trip - Florida

Our third 'car day' was the easiest by far. Instead of 8 or 10 hours of driving, we only had about 5, including a Starbucks stop, gas refill and lunch break.

The best part of that drive was watching the temperature change by the minute. Doug's car shows the outside temp. When we left Jekyll Island around 10am, it was hovering around 5 degrees. We watched it climb slowly to 6, then 7, then 8, then 10. Then it went kinda looney tunes and, by the time we arrived, it was in the mid-twenties and I was complaining of the heat in the car.

Florida was the longest part of our trip and we had five days to fill with sunshine, golf games, dinners out and les Olympiques.

Here are a few of the highlights.

The Salvador Dali gallery in St. Petersburg. I went there about 20 years ago with my grandmother when it was is a tiny, nondescript building. Things have changed a bit. 

We went to New Smyrna Beach for the day. When I was little we used to go there every summer and it was pretty neat to visit all the old haunts. 

Walk on my old, familiar beach. 

We explored

and explored some more. 

Played golf

Lots and lots of golf. 

Chased birds with cameras

And strolled along the boardwalks. 

We also managed to squeeze in a 20k run surrounded by the delicious smell of orange trees. 

Every day was sunny and warm and every day got a little sunnier and warmer. After so many months of Polar Vortices it was surprisingly good to feel the sun again. The days were packed but not frantic and we enjoyed long hours on the golf course, lazy afternoons and plenty of time to explore. 

We also, thanks to Doug, were able to stream Olympic coverage from his laptop to the television and watch the Canadian men and women battle their way to the curling finals. 


  1. I, too, watched some of the curling. It was a bit painful watching the US botch their last ends in two straight matches.

  2. Hi Celine,
    Great photos of your trip! I have a set of clubs but have not been able to get into it compared to other activities. Thank you SO MUCH for adding me to your list of blogs, it means so much! I should have commented much earlier. I am still working out the kinks of my website. I look forward to connecting with you and hearing about your adventures. Your name actually came up yesterday during the book launch for Shawn Shepheard. I was speaking to a few people about exercise and blogging and they said, "Do you know about Celine's website?" and I said of course! Anyways, enough rambling from me for now. Just wanted to say hi!