Monday, February 3, 2014

January Goal Update

It's February!!

The month of red roses and chocolates. The month that starts off cold and dreary but with a promise of spring by the end. The month when I start seeing the sunshine again during my early morning workouts. February holds so much promise.

It's also time to look back on January and see how the first few steps towards meeting my 2014 goals have gone.

Running goals

I've set my sights on the Chilly Half Marathon the first weekend in March and so far so good. Despite a frightfully cold January, I did manage to get all of my long runs in and logged the oh so important 14k, 16k and 18k runs. For some reason, the worst of the weather always seemed to happen on weekdays so my shorter runs suffered but my long runs did not.

Swimming and triathlon goals

I'm keeping my training up for the summer triathlon season but obviously I haven't met any of those goals yet. In fact, I have yet to even register for a triathlon, let alone compete in one. My little sis is getting married at some point this summer but has yet to firm up the date. Until that happens I won't be registering for anything beyond March to ensure I'm not double-booked. Stay tuned, I should know more by the end of February.

Other goals

Learn to braid my hair - I'm getting better at French braids and I make myself do them at night while we're watching golf or at work instead of an easy ponytail. Someday, I may actually post a picture.

Learn how to make proper Israeli hummus - I bought the dried chickpeas. And that's about as far as I've gotten in that department.

Improve my golf game - well, you can rest assured that, if it's too cold to run, it's too cold to golf. While I haven't actually held a golf club since October, I have found three other friends who are interested in forming a weekly ladies golf foursome once the weather improves. I also bought my first pair of proper golf shoes (note: they are wickedly cheap in the middle of January!). Finally, Doug and I are heading on a two-week road trip on Saturday (more on that later) that involves several golf games at some pretty sweet courses. So I'll have a head start on the season.

Diabetes Advocacy - well, I announced in January that I wanted to do more in this department and moments later I was asked to be the keynote speaker at a diabetes conference in April. I'm super excited and will start working on my presentation in the next few weeks. Who knows where it might lead...?

Twenty-fourteen is starting off just swimmingly.

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