Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Travel Loaner Pump

So I contacted Medtronic the other day to ask about their Travel Loaner Pump program. I figured that it was probably a good idea to have a spare pump in my bag during my Israel trip. My pump has never failed me in the over four years that it's been hooked to my belt but I'd rather not risk a pump failure so far from home.

They asked me a few questions and then emailed me a form to fill out. The instructions were to complete the form and fax back to the main office. I would get the loaner within two days.


I filled out page one of the form and it was pretty easy stuff. Name, address, travel destination etc.

Page two - my heart sank.

Please provide your credit card information and sign the waiver. I read the waiver and it said that, if I do not return the pump or if is it lost, stolen or damaged, they will charge my credit card a total of $4,995 dollars.

Holy bananas!

I know that pumps are expensive but isn't there a way to get a used loaner pump or something?

The odds of someone stealing my bag in a tourist hot spot are higher than the odds of my perfectly functioning pump suddenly dying during the fourteen days that I am out of the country.

I've checked and there is a Medtronic office in Israel. I personally met an Israeli during my Global Heroes weekend last October who uses a Medtronic pump so I know that I can get supplies and help there if needed. I'll bring back-up needles.

And I'll cross my fingers.

Because this girl does NOT want a $5,000 dollar charge on her credit card because she accidentally dropped her bag off the side of Mount Masada and watched it bounce off a few camels before landing in the Dead Sea.


  1. You're a smart cookie. I would probably do the same thing. Part of the reason why I went back on MDI for awhile was to see if I could remember how to do it and make it work at the same time should I ever need to.
    5K... ridiculous!

  2. Here in France, they only ask for a 200€ deposit cheque for a loaner pump... It usually is a used pump. I always ask for it when traveling but never had to use it. Medtronic pumps are so sturdy, and 5,000$ is just ridiculous!

  3. All the pump companies in Canada asks for a $5,000 deposit. What I did on my last vacation was taking some Lavemir long acting with me.