Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Counting Down

I have five more swims until I go away.

Five more runs too.

Two more curling games.

Eight more days of work.

Thirteen more sleeps.

Funny how each of the things that I count down make me look at the passing days differently.

Five more swims makes me feel kinda worried that I'll lose some of my newfound speed in the pool after two weeks off. I will be swimming a few times in Tel Aviv with my sister but I doubt she is going to stand at the side of the pool yelling at me to swim faster and harder. We're going to be doing the leisurely swim thing followed by a stroll on the beach.

Five more runs means that I'm almost at race day which makes me feel excited and nauseated all at the same time. I've trained in Canadian winter temperatures for the past three months. The weather in Tel Aviv this week is in the 20s every day and hits 28 degrees on Sunday. I'm trading in my toque (hi Scott!), mitts, two long-sleeved shirts, pants and warm socks for shorts, a tank top and a hat. I hope I remember how to run in the heat. Better pack some extra electrolytes!

Two more curling games makes me sad. There are still a few weeks left in the season but, once I leave, that's it for me until next Fall. It's been a great season and I've really enjoyed curling two nights a week.  I've learned so much and gotten so much better on the ice. I'm going to miss my new Monday night teammates and I'm going to miss seeing my Friday night buddies on such a regular basis.

Eight more days of work makes me feel mildly panicked. It's shaping up to be a busy year at work and the next few months is particularly busy. Missing work for 12 days takes a lot of preparation and I'll be hitting the ground running from the moment I get back - jet lag or no jet lag. Did I mention that I have a really hard time recovering from jet lag?

Thirteen more sleeps makes me feel a little homesick..and lonely for Doug. I'm doing this trip solo and we haven't been apart this long since we've been together. Over four years now. I know I'm going to have a fabulous adventure and I'm excited to go but there will be an empty space beside me where he should be standing, taking pictures and making me laugh.

It also makes me think that I want to see if I can jam my pillow into my suitcase. Having a really thin pillow can make or break it for me and is totally worth sacrificing space in the suitcase so I can sleep well for two weeks.

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