Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From Apple Juice to Lemonade

Warning: I'm writing about pee today. More specifically, the colour of pee.

As anyone who frequents Running on Carbs will notice, I like patterns.

The one I've been paying attention to for a while now - the colour of my pee.

See, I have a fairly regular workout schedule. Unless something causes me to miss one, I wake up six mornings out of seven and workout before breakfast. Three of these mornings are runs, three are swims.

Being keenly aware of hydration and how it affects a workout and my blood sugar - I have a large bottle of water by the bed and try to take a few gulps every time I wake up during the night.

On Sunday, when I don't do any activity, it takes me about an hour after I wake up to go from apple juice-coloured pee to nice pale yellow lemonade pee. You know, the kind we're supposed to have.

is way better than...

When I run, I drink before my run and drink a lot after my run. I continue to drink a lot all day and, normally, by about 10am, I'm peeing lemonade rather than apple juice.

When I swim - it's a whole other story.

I drink about 500ml of water on the way to the pool. During my swim, I drink an entire 1L bottle of water with two Nuun tablets dissolved in it. On the drive home, I drink an entire 1L bottle of water. I continue to drink all morning but it takes me until noon before I am rehydrated again.

To recap:
1 hour to rehydrate in the morning when I don't exercise.
3 hours to rehydrate in the morning after a run (even a long 18k one)
5 hours to rehydrate after a swim - despite drinking more before, during and after than I do when I run.

Keeping in mind of course that, by rehydrate, I mean pale yellow pee. I am sure I could drink more during my runs but I don't think I can handle much more during my swims - not without having to leave the pool mid-swim to run to the ladies (apparently they frown upon peeing in the pool...).

Anyway, I don't know if this is normal or whether I should be concerned. Whatever it means - I have definitely found another pattern.


  1. It could be the Nuun. The other days (I gather) you aren't adding extra electrolytes. Those could be the "apples" in your "apple juice."

    p.s. - This post cracks me up.

  2. ... Oh! And there's no problem with them apples (if it *is* the Nuun).

  3. Maybe you'll start adding notes about whether your hydration affects your blood sugar readings?