Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hola amigas,

This blog will be short and sweet today.

"Why" you ask?

Not because we lost power during the Frankenstorm. Not because I was out gallavanting on the town all night. But because my friend Klari came over last night and we spent the better part of the evening together. She is taking a Spanish class and asked for my help on her first presentación.

She decided to write about las maratones because she, like many of my other running friends, is a super duper marathoner.

So I spent the evening surrounded by Spanish-English dictionaries and dusting off the Spanish cobwebs in my head. Years ago I took class after class in Spanish and had reached the point where my Spanish was comparable to my French. I loved it. I thought in Spanish, I spoke it, I listened to Spanish radio and I read Spanish magazines. When I went to Cuba and Mexico, I chatted away, albeit hesitantly, with the locals.

Sadly, I do not have any Spanish-speaking friends with which to practice so my skills have faded a bit.

Until last night!

Funny enough, it doesn't take much to get those synapses firing again. Two hours and I'm already thinking in Spanish.

Poor Doug!

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  1. I've been talking to Lisa en español, too, ever since I started taking Spanish classes a month ago. For some reason, she seems to tolerate this bit of babbling better than when I talk to her in French. Probably it's because my Spanish is limited to saying silly things like "Me gusta el gato blanco y negro" and "¡Claro!" instead of trying to carry on conversations with her in a language she doesn't speak whenever we come home from Montréal.